OLYMPIC GAMES OFFER from Badmintonphoto


If you want to get images of your Olympic campaign, we offer you live images and an access to our Live Wire (images available after each session)
We will take every single one of your matches (round robin) if you take a pack. No guarantee if you opt for the « pay per use »

How can you use our images ?
- For your website
- For social network (twitter/Facebook/Weibo, etc)
- For your family and yourself,
- Print frames to print for some unique memories !
- Media work : You can also send some of these images to your local media to ensure your own promotion

Images will NOT be given to any third parties except media (not to your own Federation, club, or sponsors)


Pack for player : 299€ + VAT 10% (only Europe)
Pack for Client player : 249€  + VAT 10% (only Europe)

Pack for a pair : 499€ + VAT 10% (only Europe)
Pack for client pair : 449€  + VAT 10% (only Europe)

Pack for Officials : 149€ for Umpires and Referees / 99€ for line judges


You can chose to  buy only one or a few picture that you like. The price will then depend on the use.

Pay per use Fees
(if you don’t subscribe to the players pack)

- Photo used on social media/Website : 50 €
- Photo used as part of the design of your website : 100 €
- Photo used for media work (live) : 100 €
- Photo used for name cards : 100 €
- Photo used for posters/banners up to A1 size : 200 €


ATTENTION – IF YOU ARE PAST THE AUG 1st deadline, it is most likely that you will not be able to get the pack. You can still fill the form but we will revert to you whether this is possible or not as we can not take too many clients.

All you have to do is fill in this form to take the pack
Pack for players (singles and pairs)
Click HERE

Pack for Officials (line judges and Umpires/referees)
Click HERE

If you have any questions, send us an email: