Dear player,

If you belong to the top players in your country or if you are a member of a national team with a BWF ID, then this offer is for you.
Badmintonphoto is the Official Agency of the BWF and we publish more than 10 000 photos per year from all major events.

As a player, you can also enjoy our work by using our images on social media, or print for your friends and family, give to media to help your own promotion, print to make your sponsorship offer more appealing. WE HAVE TAILOR-MADE offers for you, at prices which are a LOT CHEAPER than any other Agency in the world, thanks to our recently concluded contract with the BWF for four years.

If you do not wish to get any of these packs, or pay per use, please remember that you can NOT publish any of BP’s images anywhere in your social media or website unless BP photographers have « tagged » you. You can only « share »  (using the share button for instance on Facebook).

More than 20 tournaments and more than 100 days of competition in 2018

ASIAN GAMES AND COMMONWEALTH GAMES will have separate deals and are not included in these offers

OUR SERVICE – Unique in the World



- A guarantee to take photos of your matches :
– Each time you play in a quarter finals, semi final or final of one of the events we cover (list above)
- Each time you upset a player seeded in the top 8 of that particular tournament before that stage

Even if you fail to reach the quarter final stage or to upset a top 8 player, we will STILL guarantee a minium of 20 images of yourself for the year in 3 different tournaments
(most likely more images, but we will guarantee at least 20 images)
+ Free access to our regular non playing images to illustrate your social networks (rackets, venues, shuttlecocks, etc)

All these images will be able to be used for online publications ONLY (your official website + all social media)
- no media work, no high resolution images for print, no third party whatsoever.

Rate (per year, from january 1st to December 31st 2018) :
300€ per player (VAT included)
449€ per pair (VAT included)

A player part of a pair can get a contract at the price of a single player if he/her partner does not want the contract.
Payment can be done online through paypal (5% commission) or wire transfer before March 31st 2018.

A guarantee to take AT LEAST 90% of all your matches for all covered tournaments
(We will try to get 100% of your matches, but on some rare occasions, we may miss one of them for reasons that we don’t control)

Extensive use of our images for :
- Your official website
- Your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – using the Low resolution images with our Logo)
- Search for sponsors
- Prints for friends, family, or yourself up to A2 size (Access to our High Resolution images without our watermark)
- Media use (media can use your images for free)
- Postcards, autograph cards, etc.

Sponsors, clubs and any third parties except media can NOT use these images
(if you are using our images for commercial use (products, books, etc) then you can contact us for prices

+ We become your own press officer

If you take the golden pack, we will act as your own personal press officer when you perform in a tournament : each time you play in semi final or in a  final of a tournament that we cover, we will send automatically a high resolution photo, edited, with caption, to a dedicated list of media that you provide us with, from the country you represent, so that they can use it for free

Fee :
799€ per year per player (VAT included)
1299 € per year per pair (VAT Included)

A player part of a pair can get a contract at the price of a single player if he/her partner does not want the contract. For the Gold Pack, we will guarantee 90% of matches of that specific player in the agreed pair+ sometimes other matches in the other pair involving this same player

Payment can be done online through paypal (5% commission) or wire transfer before March 31st 2018 for the year and can be done in 2 or 3 installments at no extra fee.

Click on the button to sign the form which takes 2 minutes and we’ll create your account right away !


You can also take the GOLD PACK for the upcoming events, just for one tournament :

You want to benefit  from the gold pack with extensive use for only one tournament ? It’s possible !
You can enjoy our services to try or if you are only competiting in that special one. We will soon send offers for the World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games only

World Championships : 299€ per player, 349€ for a pair
Commonwealth Games : 349€ per player, 399€ for a pair
Asian Games : 349€ per player, 399€ for a pair

If you want to take the World Championships , Commonwealth Games or Asian Games Offer only, we will put an online offer soon.


If you don’t take a pack, these are the rates per picture, depending on the use :

- Photo used on social media/website : 20 €
- Photo used as part of the design of your website : 50 €
- Photo used for media work (You can give one image to media for them to use for free) : 90 €
- Photo used for name cards : 70 €
- Photo used for a poster/ a banners up to A1 size : 300 €
- Full rights image (more than one use from above) : 400 €

Other uses, contact us

Contact us :

Carolina Marin is one of our clients for many years ! She enjoys daily pictures sent live aand she published daily news with our images on her INstagram/Facebook account, reaching thousands of fans !